Take A Glance at Our Wide Variety of Oxford Fabric Storage Bins 

Zhejiang Roushome Products Co., Ltd had been a name of quality and trust in the field of manufacturing storage bins and baskets especially these Oxford Fabric Storage Bin. We are well known around the world for their outstanding quality and amazing durability. Moreover, we offer an amazing competition of prices to the world, offering the cheapest rates compared to the entire world. We are also famous for a variety of designs that are unique and allow the customer to select from according to their needs and requirements. To ensure a happy experience for our customers we offer the fastest and the safest methods of delivery to our customers in every part of the world.


We Make Nothing But High Quality Oxford Fabric Bins

Quality is the most significant factor that is observed when we purchase a product. It is also responsible for building or destroying a customer’s experience. Rous home ensures an outstanding quality of the products as these Oxford Fabric Storage Bins that we offer are made up of the finest threads and the finest quality raw material that is available. Each and every piece of material including the thread, cloth, the stitch is ensured and checked various times by our quality control team, who ensures that the product is up to the international standards of quality. Quality check is monitored strictly throughout the process of manufacturing.


Unbeatable Price Competition

While deciding the price of a product there are various factors that are to be kept in the mind in order to keep a good balance of prices.  Factors like manufacturing, raw material, labor, consumer choice, adding a variety of colors and types all add to the cost. While setting the cost all these factors need to be monitored. Our quality products are an amazing option to buy when it comes to prices. We provided the cheapest wholesale rate of these Oxford Fabric Storage Bin in the whole world. Unlike various other brands, we ensure to deliver the most top quality at the lowest prices. Securing our position in the market.


Availability of Options

Our wide range of products allows the customers to select from various colors and sizes available. They can select their desired product according to their need and requirement. Customers can keep these products in their houses as these beautifully decorated Oxford Fabric Storage Bin would not ruin the look of the room by matching with the interior. 


Why Buy From Us

Oxford Storage Bins are the perfect addition to any interior. These bins come in various colors, sizes, and styles that match any room. Our products are made of high-quality materials and feature easy assembly, making it a breeze to get up and running in no time. Our unbeatable prices will make you feel like you're getting more value for your money than anywhere else! If you're looking for a quality storage basket option at an unbeatable price, look no further than our Oxford Fabric Bins! Buy Oxford Storage Bin Now and Enjoy Unbeatable Quality and Lowest Prices.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are they dustproof and moisture proof? 

We offer a wide range of storage bins that vary in the terms of the material that they are made up of , depending on the choice of the material that you choose, most of the bins are usually dustproof as they do not attract dust particles or absorb moisture since the material that is used to manufacture them, shows resistance against dust and moisture. 


Q: Are they washable?

These storage bins are made up of the finest quality of cloth thus this property makes these storage bins washable. They can be washed without disturbing their shape or without effecting the quality.


Q: Is it dustproof and moisture proof? 

The material that is used in order to manufacture these bins is the type of material that is designed in a way that it shows resistance against dust and moisture, and it does not attract it.


Q: How many clothes can fit in the Box?

These storage bins are the type of bins that are available in a variety of sizes, thus based upon the sizes of the basket, a lot of clothes can easily fit into these storage bins without disturbing the shape of it.


Q: How long will it take for my items to arrive?

We are the brand that have the fastest and the most efficient methods of delivery thus we deliver the products using the fastest ways of delivery without any delays.


Q: Do you have a refund policy? 

We offer a refund policy within the seven days of delivery, according to the standards that are followed internationally. 


Q: I have seen similar websites selling these boxes for a much lesser price

We are the oldest and the most experienced manufacturers of these top-quality storage boxes that we manufacture, thus being the most experienced brand, we are known as the pioneers in the field. We offer a quality that no other brand does, our storage bins are delivered with the complete essentials. 

Please note: there are some lookalike websites running the same ads and offering the same boxes at a very less price. Our customers have reported to us that they received cheap quality and tiny boxes without metal frames, which were shipped from China. Roushomestorage is a famous brand for fabric storage boxes registered in the USA and we ship/deliver within the US only.)